LockNet helps save our customers time and money in a variety of manners:
  1. Drive for Efficiency
  2. Buying Power
  3. Track & Manage the Total Cost of Ownership
  4. Creative Solutions
  5. Free Phone Support
  6. Quality Technicians

1. Drive for Efficiency

We will customize our process to match yours all the way from order intake to invoicing:

  • Do you have a 3rd party facility system?
    • No problem – we work with many facility maintenance software platforms and can integrate our system into theirs.
  • Do you like specific information on your invoices, or do you like to receive them in a specific manner?
    • We have you covered – we invoice however you would like us to.
  • Is there specific information your organization tracks or would like to see on a regular basis?
    • Count on us – our customized report cards can include any information you would like.

2.Buying Power

As a national company, LockNet gets you the right parts at the right price. On average, we are able to save our customers more than 35% over local sources on door, lock and hardware parts.Since we are not tied to any one specific vendor, we have access to a variety of products, as opposed to other sources that are restricted to buying from certain vendors. The most important thing to us is to get you the product that best fits your needs at the best possible price.Our buying power applies to labor rates as well. LockNet has formed strategic partnerships with some of the best technicians in the country. This partnership means excellent service for our customers at affordable labor rates.

3. Track and Manage the Total Cost of Ownership

Multi-year, and even lifetime warranties, are commonplace with door hardware – but taking advantage of these warranties is a daunting task for national companies like you.

We take your total cost of ownership seriously. Our sophisticated systems alert us if a part should be covered under warranty – guaranteeing that you don’t spend money when you don’t have to.

The amount of money your organization spends on hardware is substantial. Our largest customer has over $2 million dollars of product that is currently under warranty. Imagine if they didn’t track those warranties – how much money they could waste paying unnecessarily for replacement parts?

4. Creative Solutions

Do you have trouble with any of the following? If so, do you know what to do to resolve the issue?

  • Vagrants in your restrooms
  • ADA compliance with your doors and locks
  • Managing key systems for after hours vendors

We solve problems like these for our customers. Our solutions range from new product recommendations to procedural recommendations.

A key to our success in generating solid solutions is our in-house knowledge. We have an AHC (Architectural Hardware Consultant) as well as an expert locksmith on-staff that provide invaluable real-life input on practical solutions for our customers’ problems.

5. Free Phone Support

Would you want to pay $75 or more for a technician to perform any one of the following tasks?

  • Changing a battery on a safe or panic bar
  • Changing a combination on the safe or keypad lock
  • Cleaning debris out of the door threshold so that the vertical rod can engage properly
  • Taking a lock out of passage mode so that it can lock by punching in a simple number sequence

We didn’t think so. LockNet’s award winning Technical Service Representatives perform troubleshooting over the phone so that you don’t pay technicians for problems like these. Each representative undergoes thorough product training to ensure that he/she is able to perform troubleshooting whenever possible. This simple step saves our customers money by avoiding dispatching technicians unnecessarily.

6. Quality Technicians

Which scenario would you prefer?

  • Dispatching a mediocre technician who “fixes” the problem, only for it to recur in a short period of time
  • Dispatching a quality technician who fixes the problem right the first time

If there were multiple technicians near you, how would you know which technician would resolve the issue properly the first time? At LockNet – that is our job. We grade all of our technicians to ensure that you get quality and timely work at a competitive price. You don’t have to waste your time trying to find technicians, nor do you have to worry if they will do quality work – we take care of that for you.