You are a busy person, and the last thing you want to do is worry about the status of a service call or your account metrics.  That is why we keep you highly informed in a variety of manners:

  1. LockNet Web Portal
  2. Integration With Facility Maintenance Companies
  3. Report Cards

1. LockNet Web Portal

Don’t want to pick up the phone?  LockNet’s Web Portal provides you quick and easy access to information about every open service call, as well as to reporting.  On the web portal, you can:

  • Submit new service calls
  • View details of open service calls
  • Email the Technical Service Representative handling your call
  • Subscribe to notifications so that you get an email with any call updates
  • View custom reports

2. Integration with Facility Maintenance Companies

We work with a variety of Facility Maintenance Companies, including but not limited to companies such as FacilitySource, OfficeTrax, Service Channel, Corrigo, and WorkOasis.  We comply with all standards and requirements ranging from IVR to invoicing.

Our systems are also able to communicate directly with many facility maintenance software platforms, meaning that you will get updates just as soon as we do.

3. Report Cards

We offer many different types of reports.  Standard reports include information such as: spend by category and warranty coverage.   However, each customer needs different types of information for reporting and budgeting purposes.  We are happy to make custom reports to meet your needs.