Relay for Life: The Main Event

relay for lifeIf you’ve been reading anything on our blog for the last few weeks, you’ve been reading about how we’ve been gearing up for the local Relay for Life event here in Jessamine County. The event was last weekend and not only did it help out a wonderful cause, it allowed for the opportunity for LockNet employees to get together outside of the office.

The event turned out wonderfully and the weather was perfect. Not only did we raise $2358 overall, but we also had the person that raised the most in the entire county. That’s right, LockNet employee Andrew Rajchel raised a total of $398. We can’t let that kind of thing go unnoticed! He won an extra PTO day to use at his leisure.relay02

On Tuesday of this week, the winner of the Penny Wars (our Architectural Door and Hardware Services department) was served breakfast by the Relay for Life team. There were waffles, bacon, eggs and more. Everyone was feeling pretty happy after that feast!

Of course, since LockNet likes to be a good sport about everything, even the losers of the Penny War got in on some fun.

cakeThat’s right, they all got their very own consolation cake. Defeat has never tasted so sweet!

This was such a great cause and LockNet urges you to keep the American Cancer Society in your thoughts year-round and not just for the few weeks out of the year leading up to Relay for Life. After this post, we’ll get back to our regularly scheduled programming about doors and locks but it was fun to take a break for a while and talk about something that hits home with a lot of people. Thanks so much for reading about this journey! We hope you enjoyed reading about it as much as we enjoyed participating!


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