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LockNet would like to congratulate our partners in the restaurant chain industry.  Over half of the current Top 10 largest restaurant chains in America* have an active partnership with LockNet.  LockNet is proud to be a national service provider for doors, locks, safes, and other related door hardware for some of the most successful companies in America.

 LockNet is able to help solve door and lock needs nationwide in the construction phase, through all kinds of project rollouts, and also for door and lock repair needs.  Our full cycle service offerings help us track warranties and identify recurring issues.

 Call us today to see how LockNet can save you time, money, and hassle!

* Ranking found on National Restaurant News story linked here:  http://nrn.com/article/top-100-top-10-chains-and-companies


About Katie Willie

Katie Willie is the Marketing Director at LockNet. After growing up around LockNet, Katie formally joined the team in 2007. She manages the LockNet brand by developing and strengthening the marketing program. Establishing LockNet as a go-to-resource, she manages LockNet’s content creation efforts. Outside of work, Katie enjoys chasing her toddler and playing with her dogs Cody and Ollie (LockNet’s original Chief Morale Officers).

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