The LockNet Guide to Zombie Security

The LockNet Guide to Zombie SecurityI happen to be galavanting around in Florida at the moment, but I thought I’d take some time to check in on LockBytes. We’re currently at the RFMA show so if you’re here too, come find us! We’d love to chat. In the meantime, let’s focus back on the blog. Today is a good day to discuss zombie security.

Zombie security?


Zombies are not a stranger to LockBytes. We’ve talked before about how to protect your home from the monsters.

In this one, though, I really need to address something I mentioned previously, so let’s get started.

The Guide to Zombie Security: LockNet Style

Exit and Door Alarms

Exit and door alarms are a given when it comes to protection during a zombie apocalypse. You want to know when zombies or looters are entering your building and these two things would definitely serve that purpose. My favorite is the Detex EAX 500. It can be attached to any door so it isn’t like you need some sort of fancy equipment for it to work.

Once you have the door equipped, it uses magnets to trigger the alarm. As long as those magnets are connected when the alarm is activated, you won’t hear anything. The second those magnets lose connection, you’re going to get a blaring alarm. This is perfect if you needed to nap during the apocalypse. Something I would definitely want on hand.

Mortise Locks

I know last week I was touting the greatness of cylindrical locks, but it all depends on the situation.

Mortise locks are incredibly heavy duty. When you have them installed on the door, the door itself is more heavy duty. If you’ve prepared yourself by hiding in a building with some seriously heavy duty doors and you have mortise locks on them, you’ll be in good shape. If the zombies broke down the doors, there’s a solid chance the mortise locks would still be hanging there.

THAT’S how serious those things are.

If you have those and good doors, you’ll be all set.

Beacon Exit Device

I know I previously mentioned in a post that I would want the Beacon Exit Device on a building during a zombie apocalypse but I’ve rethought some things and changed my mind. Eric and I did a video newsletter last week about protection during a zombie apocalypse and we discuss the Beacon and why it wouldn’t be a great fit. Check that out here:

Do you have ideas for zombie security? We’d love to hear them. You can leave me some comments in the comment section below or contact us directly right here. I’m looking forward to your ideas!

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