Cabinet and Drawer Locks: What You Need to Know

cam locksWhen you think of facility security, it’s doubtful your first thought has something to do with the cabinet and drawer locks within your store.

Doors and safes are typically top-of-mind because those items are the big hitters, but cabinet and drawer locks? While, yes, they may be securing some very pricey items such as jewelry or watches, they’re still so little, it’s rare we have customers who think of those things first.

As with almost everything in this industry, you have several options to choose from, and the right choice will depend on the level of security you want.

Your Cabinet and Drawer Locks Options

Cam Locks

The most common and most versatile option for cabinet and drawer locks is something called a cam lock. They have quite a few variations, which help open a few different possibilities when it comes to security.

These locks are more commonly used on cabinet doors that are either sliding or hinged, but that isn’t to say they can’t be used on drawers.

There is the offset cam lock that curves up behind the fixture, and the straight cam lock which is true to its name—it’s straight and has no bend.

Pricing can vary on these locks because it’s based on the length of the housing needed. A longer housing requires more material to make and results in a higher price. It also depends on the type of finish chosen, and the length of the cam. There’s quite a bit of price fluctuation with these locks and it’s important to note that cam locks have the most price fluctuation compared to other cabinet drawer and locks.

Door/Drawer Locks

If you need something a bit sturdier than the cam lock, you may want to check out door/drawer locks. These are a deadbolt that has been fitted for a cabinet door or drawer.

These locks are in the construction of the drawer and allow only one way to lock. They can provide more security and this is something to take into consideration when choosing locks.

Ratchet Locks

If you’re looking for something for your glass doors, a ratchet lock is your best option.

The lock can slide either way depending on which way your door slides and the bar blocks the door from opening.

These locks are not hard to replace and can typically be done by someone who works in the store as opposed to calling a professional locksmith to come do the job. Just because they’re able to replaced by someone who isn’t a locksmith doesn’t mean they’re any less secure. They just happen to have an easier install process.

Plunger Locks

Plunger locks are another great option for cabinet drawer and locks.

This is another lock, like the ratchet lock, that can be used on glass door. This lock contains a bolt that slides forward and backward and will rest inside a slot when locked. This keeps the glass door from sliding.

Tips on Cabinet and Drawer Lock Security

Bolt Length

Once upon a time, a LockNet customer kept getting their cabinet doors torn off. The thieves were simply able to pry the doors open and the bolts couldn’t withstand the force. They were at a loss with what to do and thought they needed a completely different set of cabinets. They were losing money on inventory and the situation overall was becoming pretty dire.

Fortunately, once we took a look at the cabinets, we were able to figure out the issue. The locks they were using had a shorter bolt which wasn’t enough to keep the door locked. The thieves were able to jiggle the bolt just enough for it to slip down and they could pry the door the rest of the way open.

The most frightening part of the entire ordeal was that no special tools were needed. This could have been done with the use of a paperclip.

New cabinets weren’t needed. They simply needed a longer bolt to fit into the pocket of the lock. Once the longer bolts were in place, they kept the cabinets much more secure.

When you shop for office furniture, you always want to look at the depth of the strike. A deeper strike will allow for the bolt to fit more securely inside and reduce the chances of the bolt slipping out. Of course, you need to keep an on bolt length too.

Furniture Quality

Furniture quality can play a big role when it comes to reducing break-ins, lock repair, lock replacement, and so on. Most people pay attention to the sturdiness of the furniture and the types of materials used.

What most forget to check is the quality of the cabinet and drawer locks on the furniture.

We have decent office furniture here at LockNet, but when we received new filing cabinets we noticed that some of the drawers on the cabinets came with a flimsy, plastic cam lock. This isn’t a big deal for us as we don’t keep any sensitive material in files anymore, but for other companies this could be a big pain point and likely one that wouldn’t have been noticed if someone was just checking the quality of the furniture and not the lock itself.

Key Systems

Did you know you can install a key system for your cabinets and drawers as well as the doors within your facility?

Most people don’t.

You can extend your store’s key system to your cabinets and drawers and this can be a great way to keep things more organized and have different levels of security.

The level of security you have with key systems can range depending on what type of key system you have chosen for your store. In turn, this can amp up the security on your cabinets and drawers.

If you’re working in a facility with high-price merchandise in your cabinets, this would definitely be something worth looking into.

Do you have cabinet and drawer locks you have questions about? We’d love to hear from you and help you out. Feel free to contact us anytime!

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