Secure Your Doors with Five Simple Products

door maintenance, secure your doorsIt seems like every time I turn on the news, I hear about some type of break-in or theft. Being in the lock industry, I immediately think, “What products could help prevent these issues?”

The good news is there is no shortage of products you can use to secure your doors and reduce the likelihood of falling victim to crime.
However, it’s difficult to know which products are

• Code compliant;

• Application appropriate; and

• Worth the investment.

Here are five different products to consider if you need to secure your doors.

Secure Your Doors

Exit Alarms

Exit alarms are an excellent option if you need to secure your doors to prevent either internal or external theft. Nothing draws attention to someone trying to leave an area more than a shrill alarm.

With exit alarms, the alarm will sound every time the door is opened unless it is deactivated by a key. As a result, only authorized personnel can pass through the door without the alarm sounding.

There are a few different types of exit alarms to choose from:

  • Alarmed exit devices;
  • Wall- or door-mounted exit alarms; and
  • Delayed egress exit devices.

As long as alarmed exit devices are listed as ADA compliant and are installed within the proper ADA height range, they will always be code compliant.

If you are interested in a cheaper alternative wall- or door-mounted alarm, exit alarms are a good option to secure your doors.

If you have repeated issues with merchandise walking out of your store, you may want to consider delayed egress exit devices. Be aware they may not be allowed in every jurisdiction due to a number of code-compliance issues. If you want to install delayed egress devices, check with your local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to see if they are allowed.

Multi-point Locking Systems

Multi-point locking systems, while more expensive than a simple exit alarm, are much more secure.

These devices secure your doors in at least three places:

  • The door header;
  • The latch side of the door; and,
  • The threshold.

Some also have an additional hinge-side deadbolt for added security.

Multi-point locking systems are typically used on back-of-house doors where thieves traditionally would try to break-and-enter. Because these devices secure the doors in multiple areas, it is very difficult to pry the door open.

Peepholes or Vision Lights

If you do not want to spend a lot of money, but still want to increase the security of your doors, a simple option is to install peepholes in your doors or order doors with vision lights (windows) in them.

We recommend these features for back-of-house doors. This allows employees to check the exit before taking trash outside to ensure there are no intruders waiting.

It’s important to note the 2010 ADA code dictates that vision lights are low enough so individuals in wheelchairs can look out. The bottom of the window must be a minimum of 43 inches above the finished floor.

Latch Guards and Astragals

rear doorOther relatively inexpensive options to secure your doors are latch guards and astragals. These devices are installed on the outside of the door and cover the gap between the frame and the door.

Latch guards cover the space directly over the latch, and astragals cover the space over the entire height of the door.

These devices make it very difficult for burglars to pry doors open from the latch-side of the door.


Security Hinges

If you want to make it difficult for robbers to pry the door from the hinge-side, or to remove the hinges, install security hinges.

There are three different types of security hinges:

  • Security stud hinges;
  • Non-removable pin hinges; and,
  • Continuous hinges.

We typically recommend continuous hinges. They increase the durability of the door while providing added security.

These are just some of the different products you can use to secure your doors. Even in a stone-age industry, new products are developed every year. Follow our blog to stay abreast of the latest trends. If you need help deciding which products to use, let us know. We’re always happy to help.

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