Family History

The Millers have been in the lock industry for four generations:

1st Generation in the Lock Industry

John C. Miller began working for Diebold Safes in 1920 and served as the Superintendent of Bank Vault Erection.

2nd Generation in the Lock Industry

John Miller’s son, Harry Miller, was a lock inventor and safe cracker. In 1941, he started his own security business, Lockmasters Security Institute where he taught safecracking and lock-picking to FBI agents and other law enforcement officers. After World War II, he invented the first manipulation-proof lock, which Sargent & Greenleaf produced. He later became the president of Sargent & Greenleaf.

Highly recognized throughout his career, Harry Miller was:

  • Inducted into the Safe & Vault Technicians Hall of Fame
  • Recognized by the National Independent Bank Equipment & Systems Association for 20 years of support
  • Given the Associated Locksmiths of America’s Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Named a 50 year recipient of the St. Duston Award
  • Recognized with the Philadelphia Award from the Greater Philadelphia Locksmiths Association
  • Presented with the Key to the White House by the Technical Security Division of the United States Secret Service

3rd Generation in the Lock Industry

Both of Harry’s sons, Clay and Benson Miller, followed the family lineage and work in the lock industry.

Clay Miller, who now owns Lockmasters Security Institute, founded the Safe and Vault Technicians Association and holds many patents.

Benson Miller, who began working for Sargent and Greenleaf, eventually started an entrepreneurial career and became president of Burnz-o-matic. After selling that company, he invented the Ready Press Fold-Away Ironing Board and founded Millex.

After selling Millex in 1991, he returned to his roots in the lock industry and started LockNet in 1993. He is currently the Chairman of LockNet.

4th Generation in the Lock Industry

Both Clay’s son, Mark Miller, and Benson’s son and daughter Chad Miller and Katie Willie, carry on the heritage and work in the lock industry.

Mark Miller, President of Lockmasters Tools & Equipment is the market leading supplier of standard and specialized locksmithing tools and equipment to the industry.

Chad Miller, President of LockNet, started working for LockNet in 1998 in the IT Department. He joined the management team in 2003 and was promoted to President in 2008.

Katie Willie started as the Service Manager and member of the management team in 2007. She transitioned into the Marketing Director role in 2011.